When Hurting Feels Good: Self-Mutilation, a Growing Teenage Disorder

Self-mutilation, also called self-injury, self-harm, self-abuse or cutting is a disturbing disorder that is reaching significan proportions worldwide.

Author Shelley Stoehr researched and wrote CROSSES -- the first novel for young adults about this compelling issue -- in 1991. Twelve years later, CROSSES is still a favorite among teenagers and their parents, opening lines of communication in a non-threatening way, and making young people feel less alone. Shelley is available to talk about CROSSES, and about self-injury in general, revealing such things as:

* What types of self-mutilation "cutters" engage in.
* What cases people to start the addiction of cutting themselves.
* What symptoms or behaviors would cutters exhibit that parents or friends could recognize as potential problems.

Among its other awards, CROSSES has been an ALA Best Book and a YALSA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults. School Library Journal said of CROSSES: "Reminiscent of Go Ask Alice, the powerful portrayal of Nancy and Katie will be read again and again by today's teens." Publisher's Weekly reported that "this morbidly compelling chronicle of promising lives gone astray commands attention throughout," and the Voice Literary Supplement said that "[Nancy's] mind is a familiar world, unpleasant to dwell in and hard to leave."

Comments from readers include:

"I've never had a book have such a strong impact on my life before... I definitely plan on reading it again and again." (Ashley Smith, Phoenix, AZ)

"[CROSSES] opens your eyes to many different harsh, and painful parts of a teens life." (S.B., Utah)

"This story is a real life thing. Many people, including myself at one time in my life, can truly relate to this book." (a 30 year old self-mutilator of 14 years)

There are more than 2 million people who injure themselves in secret.

Availability: Connecticut, and nationwide by arrangement and via telephone. Available for last minute interviews.

Contact: Shelley Stoehr, mermaidshel@​earthlink.net


Crosses, by Shelley Stoehr

Nancy and Katie are best friends with one big thing in common -- they both cut themselves, “Not by accident, we do it purposely -- and regularly -- because physical pain is comforting, and because now it has become a habit.” Crosses was the first novel for young adults to deal with an increasingly widespread disorder, and “...graphically describes the cry for help of many adolescents and how far they have to fall before they are even noticed.” (VOYA) *An ALA Best Book for Young Adults
*An ALA Quick Pick *An ALA Recommended Book for Reluctant Young Readers

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Nancy and Katie are best friends with one big thing in common -- they both cut themselves, “Not by accident, we do it purposely -- and regularly -- because physical pain is comforting, and because now it has become a habit.”
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