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What Readers Say About Shelley's Work

eLiZaBeTh (, a reader, January 23, 2003,
Great content and excellent details. Shelley really pinpointed the way teenagers get when there is noone around, the whole outcast picture was perfect.
JeSsY from nj (, a realistic novel lover, July 18, 2002,
i couldnt even put the book down
i've never had a book have such a strong impact on my life before..this novel no doubt has had strong results with my reading habits...i read the book in less than 3 days...i admit that i really dont like to read, but this book i definitely plan on reading it again and again.
Ashley smith (, A reviewer, January 22, 2002,
Ashley smith of phoenix, AZ . The best book i've ever read in my life!!!
I could relate to this book very well. It really helped me overcome my problems. I recamend this book to everyone!
Tricia (, a 15 student., February 23, 2001,
Best Book
I got this book at school at the book shop. I am into troubled teen books, I am soon going to get 'Tomarrow Wendy'' also by Shelley Stoehr. She is my all time favorite author. All her books seem really good. I have let a whole bunch of people read my book and all of them said they loved it.
Carole (, still a student in California, January 3, 2001,
A Go Ask Alice for the Year 2001
This book, in the first couple of chapters, explains so much in what is going to happen. This story is a real life thing. Many people, including myself at one time in my life, can truly relate to this book. I believe every young girl should read this because it is a lesson you can learn and actually understand anywhere else.
A reviewer, 30 yr. old self-mutilator of 14 yrs, November 17, 2000,
MY BIble
This book took me back to my teen angst years. Very real. Very entertaining.
A reviewer, 14 yr. old student, August 25, 2000,
A really good story that touched my heart. It is what teens now a days have to face-reality.
A reviewer, July 21, 1999,
Best book I have ever read
This was a really good book. I am a 11th grader in high school and it is very seldom that I will ever pick up a book. The reason I was so interested in it at first was because the book tells what some teen girls do when they are depressed or angry. I found it so good because there are a lot of times when I get so angry that I do cut myself and I really didn't believe that there was anyone out there who knew or did the same things that I have done.