this pic's a few years old, but you wouldn't want to see me now anyway, lol!

At work on a werewolf novel with author John Patrick Kennedy! Super awesomeeeee! Watch for it late summer or fall 2014!

It's been AGES since I've been to my own website! Kind of took a detour in life and writing for a bit...

But I'm back! Presently co-authoring a new YA novel, WereSisters with author John Patrick Kennedy. Twin werewolf sisters separated... one raised human, the other raised werewolf. What happens when they come together again? Covert black ops, gypsies... this is a riveting tale full of action and emotion.

Also revising a middle school novel of my own, Saving Bone, in which two kids set out to rescue an abused dog.

Finally, writing a YA suspense novel, Missing, in which a young girl is kidnapped and her sister sets out to find her. Family drama and inner demons...

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Peace, love, respect to all,
Shelley Stoehr

What Readers Say About Shelley's Work

eLiZaBeTh (keeblerz@​, a reader, January 23, 2003,
Great content and excellent details. Shelley really pinpointed the way teenagers get when there is noone around, the whole outcast picture was perfect.
JeSsY from nj (lovethrumaheyez@​, a realistic novel lover, July 18, 2002,
i couldnt even put the book down
i've never had a book have such a strong impact on my life before..this novel no doubt has had strong results with my reading habits...i read the book in less than 3 days...i admit that i really dont like to read, but this book i definitely plan on reading it again and again.
Ashley smith (linkinparkgurl21@​, A reviewer, January 22, 2002,
Ashley smith of phoenix, AZ . The best book i've ever read in my life!!!
I could relate to this book very well. It really helped me overcome my problems. I recamend this book to everyone!
Tricia (luvinkidrock2005@​, a 15 student., February 23, 2001,
Best Book
I got this book at school at the book shop. I am into troubled teen books, I am soon going to get 'Tomarrow Wendy'' also by Shelley Stoehr. She is my all time favorite author. All her books seem really good. I have let a whole bunch of people read my book and all of them said they loved it.
Carole (carole_52@​, still a student in California, January 3, 2001,
A Go Ask Alice for the Year 2001
This book, in the first couple of chapters, explains so much in what is going to happen. This story is a real life thing. Many people, including myself at one time in my life, can truly relate to this book. I believe every young girl should read this because it is a lesson you can learn and actually understand anywhere else.
A reviewer, 30 yr. old self-mutilator of 14 yrs, November 17, 2000,
MY BIble
This book took me back to my teen angst years. Very real. Very entertaining.
A reviewer, 14 yr. old student, August 25, 2000,
A really good story that touched my heart. It is what teens now a days have to face-reality.
A reviewer, July 21, 1999,
Best book I have ever read
This was a really good book. I am a 11th grader in high school and it is very seldom that I will ever pick up a book. The reason I was so interested in it at first was because the book tells what some teen girls do when they are depressed or angry. I found it so good because there are a lot of times when I get so angry that I do cut myself and I really didn't believe that there was anyone out there who knew or did the same things that I have done.

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Young Adult Fiction/kindle
The writing needs some editing, but the story is relevant and compelling... Somebody’s Daughter combines multiple points of view to tell the chilling events of a party gone wrong when the adults have all checked out of their children's lives.
Young Adult Fiction
Nancy and Katie are best friends with one big thing in common -- they both cut themselves, “Not by accident, we do it purposely -- and regularly -- because physical pain is comforting, and because now it has become a habit.”
When sixteen-year-old Tracey runs away she finds that making ends meet in New York City for a young girl with few real skills is nearly impossible. That’s when Tracey becomes Amanda, a topless dancer.
“I’ve discovered that if you wear a big enough hat, no one worries much about what’s going on inside your head,” says Cary. And no one, not even her boyfriend, Danny, knows about the things inside Cary’s head. Especially the feelings she has for Wendy, a girl with bright green hair and hard-candy sadness in her eyes.

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